1.2 cm3 dosing oil-air mixing block

1.2 cm3 dosing oil-air mixing block

Produktcode: Series 3250X33 Series
Marke: Nortek


  • Installations in steel mills and all types of industry, this type of product can be used with high guarantees of adequate greasing.
  • Bearings, seals...


  • high performance
  • Oil air lubrication
  • Robust body in EN 10087-11SMnPb30
  • Provided with check valves
  • compact block
  • Reduced lubricant consumption


The appropriate lubrication when there are several lubrication points is this block used together with our dispenser ref. 3236X33.

This is the block where the main functions for lubrication are carried out. In this block the air enters, mixes with the oil and exits to the greasing point.


The installation of this equipment must be carried out as close as possible to the greasing point and in a place of easy accessibility for optimal maintenance.

Design and principle of operation

The alternation in the pressurization of the lines (Line 1 – Line 2), feed the dispenser by moving it, thus dosing the oil or fat contained in the opposite chamber. The metered amounts of oil enter directly into the 3250X33 air plate, which is connected to the compressed air line. The oil drops are atomized due to the action of the compressed air, resulting in suspended particles. Finally, the air flow transports the air to the outlet of the block.

Both the air and the oil pass through internal and independent check valves that guarantee its correct operation.


. of departures from 1 to 4
Output flow per plunger 1.2 cm³
minimum working pressure 10 bar
Maximun working pressure 250 bar
output connection 1/8” bsp
air inlet connection 1/4” bsp
qualities Zinc plated ISO 2081 – Fe/Zn12/A

Order information

No. outputs Weight


air plate



1 2.10kg 3250133 3236133M
2 3.06kg 3250233 3236233M
3 4.02kg 3250333 3236333M
4 4.98kg 3250433 3236433M


Specifications Reference
1.2 cm³ dispenser 3236X33

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