221555X series

221555X series

Produktcode: 221555X series
Marke: Nortek


  • Robust body made of steel
  • Zinc plated outer protection
  • Different possibilities of operation control
  • Adjustable pressure range


Overpressure inverters are especially useful equipment in double greasing lines to have the alternate operation of both lines automated. The equipment automatically pressurizes or relieves the flow of lubricant from one line to another depending on the predetermined pressure.

Design and principle of operation

This mechanically operated overpressure inverter is specially designed for installations of long double lines and heavy work. The operation of this automatic overpressure reverser is similar to that of a two-way, two-position valve. When the predetermined pressure is reached, the inversion begins and opens an overpressure valve that controls a servo-controlled plunger, which in turn controls two others, one of them reversing the line.


Flow 65kg/h
Maximun working pressure 400 bar
Temperature -20ºC / +80ºC
Input and output connections G 1/2 female
return connection G 1/2 female
Body Steel EN10087 – 11SMnPb30 zinc plated
Mounting position Variable
Weight 12.5kg
Fat NLGI 3 ASTM Max.
Dimensions 202x130x164mm
qualities Zinc plated ISO 2081 – Fe/Zn12/A

Order information

For the correct inverter reference, the available options must be selected from the table below.

The inverter comes with 4 weldable brackets where to screw it for installation.

C65- X -XX
function check
Visual V
position switch Yo
proximity detector D.
Special Code
For non-standard items -XX

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