222XXXX series

222XXXX series

Produktcode: 222XXXX series
Marke: Nortek


  • Choice of two or three positions
  • high performance
  • Robust body in EN 10087-11SMnPb30 and zinc plated according to ISO 2081 – Fe/Zn12/A.
  • Works with fat and oil
  • Different versions of voltages


The electromagnetic inverter is operated by a piston and its function is to change the flow direction in oil or grease circuits in double line systems, the maneuver is carried out by means of two coils.

Design and principle of operation

Directional valves are essentially made up of a body (1), one or two actuators (2), the control stem (3), and one or two return springs (4).

In the depressurized state, the control rod (3) is maintained in the central or rest position by the return springs (4). The control stem (3) is activated through the actuator (2). The magnetic force of the actuator (2) acts through a pusher (5) on the control rod (3) moving it from its rest position to the desired final position. In this way, the desired flow directions remain free, depending on the type of control rod used. Once the actuator (2) has been depressurized, the control stem (3) is again moved by the return spring (4) to its rest position.

The design of the layout of the connections follows the Cetop industrial standard, which is given by flow capacity, therefore, they must always be mounted on a secondary Nortek base ref. 2012555.F10.

Note: To ensure correct operation, the solenoid pressure chamber must always be filled with oil.


Flow 70kg/h
Maximun working pressure 350kg/cm2
Work temperature -20ºC / +80ºC
connections According to Cetop C5 standard
Nortek Base Input Connections G3/4
Nortek Base Output Connections G 1/2
solenoid valve power AC 8W DC 9W
Weight 6.2kg

Order information

CE70- X X -XX
Model (See table page 2)
A: 4 way 3 position, closed center TO
B: 4 way 3 position, open center B.
C: 4 way 2 position C.
D: 4 way 3 position, open center return D.
110V 50HZ 5
220V 50HZ 6
115V 60HZ 7
255V 60HZ 8
24Vdc 9
special code
For non-standard items -XX

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