33526XX Series

33526XX Series

Produktcode: 33526XX Series
Marke: Nortek


  • Grease distributions in medium and large industrial machinery, such as roller tracks, straighteners or bearings through the air-oil system.
  • Facilities in the paper industry, steel mills, and quarries can use this type of product with high guarantees of adequate greasing


  • Air and oil “monobloc” design
  • Block design avoiding leaks
  • high performance
  • Progressive and uniform lubrication
  • Internal communication of outputs
  • Different operating control systems, visual or electrical by micro or proximity detector.
  • Robust body in EN 10087-11SMnPb30
  • Large greasing capacity, progressive between 6 and 16 outlets


The lubrication of this type of distributors is by means of air-oil. Air-oil lubrication consists of a stream of air, normally acting continuously, used to provide cooling at the lubrication point and as a conveyance to drive small amounts of oil to the lubrication point.
Oil injected into the air stream at regular intervals coats the surfaces to be lubricated and reduces friction and wear.

The progressive distributors are of the piston type, which make a clean and exact distribution of lubricant.

The progressive distributor takes its name from the fact that the supply of lubricant to the greasing points occurs in progressive order.


They always need to be installed in a secondary distribution air-oil line system. Lubricant input is carried out by means of a pressure pump that, aided by the air line, proportionally distributes the flow received between the enabled outlets.

Design and principle of operation

The oil inlet acts on the first plunger causing its movement, which forces the displacement of the following plungers, providing flow through the outlets and causing its progressive and continuous displacement as long as there is oil supply from the inlet. It is at the outlets where the mixture with air is carried out and greasing is generated.

This progressive allows, depending on the lubrication points, to cover outlets internally to join them externally and unify the lubrication on the outside, avoiding annoying external “T” assemblies.

The blockage of a single plunger due to lack of oil leads to the blocking of the entire distributor. The solution is simply to add a detection system to a single plunger to control the entire progressive.


number of outputs from 6 to 16
Output flow per plunger 0.11 cm3
minimum working pressure 10 bar
Maximun working pressure 200 bar
air inlet connection 1/8” bsp
Oil inlet connection 1/8” bsp
output connections 1/8” bsp
qualities Zinc plated ISO 2081 – Fe/Zn12/A

Order information

No. outlets L ( mm ) Weight Reference

6 (3+3 ) 84 1.9kg 3352606
8 (4+4) 101 2.3kg 3352608
10 (5+5) 118 2.7kg 3352610
12 (6+6 ) 135 3.1kg 3352612
16 (8+8 ) 169 3.8kg 3352616


Specifications Reference
Visual control 3351600-01
control for mic 3351600-02
Control for proximity detector 3351600-03
Union two outputs 3351651
Union three exits 3351652
union four exits 3351653
union five exits 3351654
weldable bracket 3236019

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