BEW/503.6-L-2 Heat Exchanger

BEW/503.6-L-2 Heat Exchanger

Produktcode: BEW/503.6-L-2 Heat Exchanger
Marke: Flovex

Standard exchangers with same mechanical design, materials, and use as EM type exchangers. According to international coding “BEW” means pull-out bundle with one fixed tubesheet, one floating tubesheet with two gaskets separated by a telltale ring to avoid mixing of the two fluids even with leaky or broken gaskets.

As for EM type exchangers the selection can be type “A” for low flowrate shellside, and type “B” for high flowrate shellside. The wide range of shellsize and tubelength makes this type of exchangers able to solve most problems even for high dutyratings.

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