CE620 piezoelectric accelerometer

CE620 piezoelectric accelerometer

Produktcode: CE620 piezoelectric accelerometer
Description Voltage output signal: 100 or 500 mV/g. Frequency response: up to 14000 Hz (100 mV/g versions), up to 3700 Hz (500 mV/g versions). Temperature range:  −55 to 120°C (100 mV/g versions), −55 to 90°C (500 mV/g versions). The CE620 piezoelectric accelerometer is a general-purpose industry standard IEPE (integrated electronics piezo electric) vibration sensor with a piezoelectric sensing element, integrated electronics and a voltage output. It is available with a sensitivity of either 100 or 500 mV/g, and in standard versions or Ex versions. The CE620 is available as a sensor only or fitted with an integral cable that is protected by a stainless-steel overbraid. Sensor only versions allow one of a range of different cable assemblies to be used to connect the sensor to the monitoring system, depending on the application and environment. The CE620 is designed and manufactured for use in harsh industrial environments, including hazardous areas (potentially explosive atmospheres). Features Designed for general-purpose vibration measurement, typically balance of plant (BOP) machinery such as compressors, gearboxes, motors, pumps and fans Industry standard IEPE (integrated electronics piezo electric) vibration sensor Dynamic voltage output signal (100 or 500 mV/g) suitable for spectral analysis Typically connected to a machinery monitoring system for protection and/or condition monitoring applications IP68 protection rating
Output type

Voltage (2-wire)


100 or 500 mV/g

Operating temperature range

−55 to 120°C (−67 to 248°F) or −55 to 90°C (−67 to 194°F)

Frequency response

0.5 to 14000 or 0.2 to 3700 Hz

Sensitivity tolerance


Dynamic measurement range

±80 or ±16 g



Transverse sensitivity


Resonant frequency

25 or 16 kHz

Type of electronics


Hazardous area certifications

Ex ia

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