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The PA 18 H 2 is the all-round, 2 stage hand pump in the hand pump range. The pump is ergonomically designed, has a robust, compact construction, is service- and maintenance-friendly and combines a low operating force with a high oil output. This all combined with a range of handy features makes this pump a worthwhile asset for you and your tools. 

This pump is ideal when you are working with a wide range of hydraulic tools and you want to profit from a very high oil output both in the first stage (up to 45 bar) and in the second stage (720 bar). Optionally the pump can be equipped with a double action valve for use with double action tools.

Article number 100.142.035  
Basic specifications
Model PA 18 H 2  
Max. working pressure 720 / 72 (bar/Mpa) 10443 psi
Spotlight Yes  
Number of stages 2  
First stage output (per stroke) 42.8 cc 1.45 oz
Second stage output (per stroke) 3.1 cc 0.1 oz
First stage pressure range max. 653 psi  
First stage pressure range 0 - 45 / 0 - 4.5 (bar/Mpa)  
First stage pressure range 0 - 653 psi  
Second stage pressure range 45 - 720 / 4.5 - 72 (bar/Mpa)  
Second stage pressure range 653 - 10443 psi  
Max. operating force 35 kg 77.2 lb
General specifications
Capacity oil tank (effective) 1800 cc 60.9 oz
Capacity oil tank 1990 cc 67.3 oz
Connection 3/8" NPT female  
Operator type hand  
Double acting optional yes  
Dimensions, weight and temperature
Weight, ready for use 7.6 kg 16.8 lb
Technical drawing dimensions
Dimension A 700 mm 27.6 in
Dimension B 169 mm 6.7 in
Dimension C 175 mm 6.9 in

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